HELLO YULETIDE WRITER. Thank you for your patience while I finished this letter - I was caught off guard by how early noms and signups were, and I definitely did not expect assignments to go out this fast. I've been doing Yuletide for a fair few years now, and I really do love it as an exchange.

General likes: humor, friendship, family relationships and found families, adventures, happy endings, character studies, great dialogue, explorations of the world around the characters. Ratings from G to NC-17 are fine, though please keep the canon atmosphere in mind.

General DNWs: graphic violence, rape, major character death, general grimdarkness, infidelity, incest, bearding, A/B/O, mpreg, watersports, scat.

Hail Caesar! (2016)
Carlotta Valdez, Hobie Doyle

This is a weird request, but I really loved Carlotta and Hobie's date as part of the story, and I love the idea of the two of them going on adventures and solving mysteries. Hobie's already done a little bit of Eddie Mannix's bidding, and Carlotta seems game for anything - so why not make it some full-blown Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys nonsense? I'm fine with this being shippy or just gen (so if there's some kissing amid the mystery-solving that would be great, but I will also be delighted if they're just good chums). But if mysteries are not your thing, anything on the lighter side with these kids would be fun - dodging the terrible twin gossip queens, dancing lessons and horseback riding, sneaking to a secret spot on the backlot to eat sandwiches between takes and trade stories of overenthusiastic fans, whatever.

This movie was so much fun. I don't count myself as an Old Hollywood nerd or expert by any means, but there were a few years where I rented Singin' in the Rain about every two weeks (remember video rental?) and this rang so many familiar chords for me. Hobie and Carlotta's relationship was a tiny moment in the film, but it was so much fun, and I think Carlotta would be a great accomplice for more of Hobie's unusual errands.

If you want to deal with the position Carlotta is in as a Latina in old Hollywood, that's definitely something I'd be interested in - but if that's outside the scope of what you want to write, don't worry about including it at all. Similarly, I really enjoyed Anne Helen Peterson's "Scandals of Classic Hollywood" (a series on the Hairpin and also a book) that describe a lot of the ways in which real-life fixers had to cover up or massage stories - or straight up colluded with the studios to erase the reality of their stars' lives. But honestly? Wacky hijinks. Would read.

Lunar Chronicles - Marissa Meyer
Kai (Lunar Chronicles), Linh Cinder

SETTING UP THAT CONSTITUTIONAL DEMOCRACY. Oh my god, that sounds like the most boring idea ever. But seriously! The worldbuilding for this series is so fascinating (if occasionally completely bizarre) and given the longstanding hierarchies of both Luna and Earth Cinder is fighting one heck of an uphill battle. And I know she and Kai love each other (and I am on board for the ship) but there's no way this isn't going to test their relationship. I'm here for political intrigue, wrangling over legal rights of shells and cyborgs (which is an interesting parallel as partial persons), being under the scrutiny of the known galaxy. BUT if you want to throw all that out the window and just write these two being somewhat awkward lovebirds together that would also delight me. Also, because they were not all nominated but it might be hard to work around this - I'm fine with any of the other Rampion crew being included if it suits the story. (Iko totally counts.) (IKOOOOOOO.) Don't feel limited!

Oh my god, these books are BANANAS. When I found out Meyer used to write Sailor Moon fanfic it made everything click and I still find it hilarious. But I really do love these stories. They incorporate the fairy tales in ways that are a little off-kilter and a little less predictable than one might expect, and the world Meyer has built around her characters is great. And there's such a deep supporting cast and so much importance placed on friendship and comrades who can be trusted to stick by each other when things get tough. much like the sailor senshi I MEAN. I like the build of the romance between Kai and Cinder as she realizes he's so deeply imperfect and as they both discover all the parts of her past, and how he rethinks his entire worldview because of her. I like that Kai feels his responsibility so fully, that it's not just a game or something to pick up and put down. I love that Cinder wants to end the injustice and tyranny of Levana's reign, but that she doesn't think her bloodline makes her any more fit to rule when she has no training and no desire to begin the cycle again.

So: the prompt for figuring out how the monarchy of Luna is dismantled would definitely be something I would want to read. But there's so much more that would also be great! Exploring the world beyond the little slivers we saw. Seeing more of Luna. The people of Luna getting to know their lost princess; the people of Earth getting to know this cyborg and Lunar who's marrying their emperor. There's a lot of scope to play with here. Or just the smaller stories of two people who grew up in unusual circumstances figuring out how to have a relationship in the very strange spotlight they live in.

Natasha Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812 - Malloy
Natalya "Natasha" Ilyinichna Rostova (Natasha Pierre), Sonya Alexandrovna Rostova (Natasha Pierre)

I WILL STAND IN THE DARK FOR YOU ;_; I would love to see something about the relationship between these two, about Sonya's deep and abiding love for her dearest friend. (I ship it like BURNING, but if you can't write a relationship between cousins, I understand.) Natasha loves and trusts no one but Sonya - how did they grow to have this depth of feeling? What did Sonya think when Natasha fell in love with Andrey? What did Natasha's recovery from her suicide attempt look like? How does Natasha come to forgive Sonya for spilling the secret of the elopement, especially given how that all turns out? There's a lot to work with, just within this tiny slice of the much larger novel. I also love the lush, immersive world of the play, so anything that evokes that would be wonderful. How? That I leave up to you, dear writer.

So, background: I live in Boston, and I went to see the production of Great Comet at the American Repertory Theater pretty much on a whim when a friend said they were thinking about going. And then I fell in love with the show, played hooky from work to see it again, listened to the off-Broadway recording a zillion times, and as of the writing of this letter I have tickets to see it on Broadway in previews. I LOVE THIS SHOW. I hope you love it too. (However: I have not read War and Peace. I do not at all expect you to have read it, because it's frigging War and Peace.) I love the immersive nature of the world, the way all these disparate elements are thrown into the opulent Faberge egg of the theater and whirled at high speed until it becomes something remarkable and stunning.

And Sonya is such an odd, beautiful, tragic figure in this play. She's good. That's her defining attribute. She refuses to let Natasha ruin herself with Anatole - she doesn't even know that he's married! She just can't stand to see Natasha throw her whole life away on this bogus guy who's courting her behind everyone's backs. Sonya sacrifices her love for Natasha to do what is right. I find that so fascinating and heartbreaking. I'd love to see a story of that love understood and requited. Or even just a reconciliation, after Pierre speaks to Natasha. Or a story of their girlhood, of their friendship deepening into this sustaining core of their lives. Or some hardcore pining. There are many ways to go with this!

Hadestown - Mitchell
The Fates (Hadestown), Eurydice (Hadestown), Hades (Hadestown), Persephone (Hadestown)

In the opening and closing, Hermes tells us that this is a story that's been told over and over and we always know how it ends. What does that look like to the characters within the story? Are any of them aware of this cycle? Do the Fates see the same events spinning out of their thread? Have they ever seen the dead Orpheus come down when he was finally released by the maenads? Is Eurydice reborn and aware of what's coming - can she ever stop it? And the story balances along the cusp of ancient myth and new innovations, with Hades proclaiming he's built "the electric city" - do the Fates approve, does Persephone ever consider not coming back and breaking her promise?

I love the original concept album by Anais Mitchell - it was actually my Yuletide assignment a few years ago - and I was fortunate enough to get to see the staged version at the New York Theater Workshop this spring. It brought so much more life and depth to the story, even though I already loved the source material. My friend pointed out that it was so well done that even though we all knew what was coming - it's ORPHEUS and EURYDICE, you KNOW - there will still gasps and cries of dismay when Orpheus turned back to look at Eurydice just before the door out. And that's what makes a retelling worth doing, I think. That sense of something being made new. It's also basically the only version of Hades and Persephone I can stand.

If you weren't able to see the show (which is likely, statistically), there's a mostly complete bootleg right here. Or feel free to base it on the concept album more heavily - many of the same themes remain within it. But I am a sucker for retellings, and I am always interested in looking at how stories evolve and change, and this is a perfect candidate for that sort of exploration. In some ways it's a story about stories - the power of the tale Hades weaves to enspell Eurydice, the songs Orpheus weaves, the final benediction Persephone gives as she tells this story once more. The Fates by their very nature exist outside the story and within it at the same time - they know what has happened, what is yet to come and what happens right now.

Critical Role (Web Series)
Percival "Percy" Fredrickstein Von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III, Vex'ahlia (Critical Role)

THESE LOSERS. WHY WON'T THEY KISS. Full disclosure, I am still working my way through the series (currently on episode 58 as of this signup), but I did get spoiled for That Thing In Episode 68, so. Anyway. I really love their relationship, how focused they can both be on their goals and how very different their backgrounds are, and yet there's this growing respect and love born out of friendship. And also I keep yelling NOW KISS at the screen. So: basically anything with these two would be wonderful, whether it's a slow burn getting-together story or pre-stream gen adventures or future fic where the Conclave is defeated and they're arguing over baby names. The rest of Vox Machina and associates are welcome to show up, I'd just like something focused on Vex and Percy.

First, a heads up. I only started watching recently and am still catching up to the current episodes. I'm partway through episode 61 as of October 12, so I will most likely be caught up to the current stream by the time the archive opens.

OH MY GOD, PERCY AND VEX. I have a weakness for uptight dudes and women who give precisely no fucks, and these two hit all my buttons. Plus gunslinger and archery! Plus an increeeeedibly slow burn and friends-to-maybe-more? He made her a BARONESS and he thinks she's worth more than anyone with money he's ever met. She knows his full name and pulled him out of the Avatar State the fog of Orthax. They have saved each other so many times and yet they can also still make fun of each other. And I need them to kiss so, so badly.

As I said in the signup, I would really be happy with a wide range of stuff with these two: if you want something more gen-centric, an early adventure from the pre-stream days could work well. Or maybe a discussion of how Percy taught himself Elvish and how terrible his accent is when he tries to speak it. Ooooor it could just be makeouts and bed-breaking sex. Or anything in between. (Or that future fic fighting over baby names, because when you mix Elvish apostrophes and the Whitestone multi-barreled naming system it's going to be hilarious.) And I really do love the rest of the team and would be delighted by cameos - feel free to include as many or as few as you like, including Trinket. Also, Critical Role is the only real exception to the DNW of violence; I'd still prefer you avoid any lingering and lovingly detailed depictions of gore, but since they're warriors I don't mind canon-typical fights.
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Hiya - just letting you know that there seems to be a missed html tag around "ugh. much like the sailor senshi I MEAN." which is making the rest of your letter hard to read.


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