I feel weird talking about 2011. A lot of it sucked! The entire year sucked for a LOT of people! The world felt full of chaos and upheaval and disarray. People close to me and not so close to me died. Politicians and corporations continued to be The Worst. Some friendships faded, some shit went down that I'm not particularly proud of.

But at the same time... I'm hopeful. On a selfish level, I got a new job that I love and moved into my first grown-up apartment and found a roommate who fortuitously is pretty amazing, in a city I enjoy with a bunch of friends nearby. I went to two weddings, both for dear friends that have known me since we were tiny and awkward and shy. I wrote more than I have since grad school, and more fic than ever before, and people actually liked it. I read books, though not as many as I'd have liked, and saw a lot of movies. I made some amazing friends. I got to fly overseas and visit one of my best friends and meet her son.

I tend to be a little superstitious about New Year's Eve. Tonight I'm going to be with my parents; tomorrow I'll be packing, and Monday I'm going back to Boston. I don't have any big plans, I don't have any resolutions, but I hope that the upcoming year is a little kinder to all of us and that we all end up a little closer to where we'd like to be.

Also, I am finally going to knit a pair of fucking socks. JUST WATCH ME.


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