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( Dec. 3rd, 2012 12:57 pm)
Another month, another LJ update.

* Thanksgiving happened! Which was fine - Hugo the artist was there with his new-to-us lovely girlfriend Carmen, which meant even more Spanish around the table.

* More importantly: my ten-year high-school reunion happened. I actually started my LJ right before my senior year; I don't think if you'd asked me back then I would have thought I'd go to the reunion. Or that one would exist, since our class officers were sort of haphazard at best. But I went, and I had an awesome time. I talked with people I haven't seen since graduation, with folks I used to play with all the time in grade school, with people who used to be as close to me as family. And by and large everyone's doing really well. Lots of spouses. Lots of people I wasn't close to but knew, because my school wasn't that big, all seeming excited to see me and hear that I was doing well. We stayed till last call and went to the pizza place across the street for the ceremonial post-drunk slice. It was great. And I feel good about it, mostly because I feel good about the life I have. I'm tremendously lucky. (Also got to horrify a ton of people who remember my sister as a wee baby by telling them she's in college. MWA HA HA.)

* Got my IUD last Friday! Cut for GRIM DETAILS )

* Work is work! We have fewer apps this year so admissions is going to be less hellish. I hope. Also it's my second time around and some parts of the process have changed for the better, so. (Of course this is counterbalanced by the fancy new website design breaking all the links. Ugh. And I can't fix it because all the low-level editors are locked out during the launch. Good job, guys.)

* I have a social life! It continues to weird me the fuck out, but I love that I actually have friends and leave the house to DO things.

* I wrote things!

Like a Movie Loves a Screen, Avatar: Legend of Korra, pre-Korra/Asami, G - Written for [community profile] avatar_ladyfest, set in a prompted AU where cinema comes to Republic City. I ran out of time and couldn't make this as big as I wanted, but I hope to go back to it. Asami is basically Katharine Hepburn without the Bryn Mawr accent.

our little life is rounded with a sleep, Inception/The Sandman, Arthur/Ariadne/Eames, M - Based on an idea from an RP friend who suggested that Dream of the Endless could take in the trio after their deaths, this took me almost two years to write. Though a bunch of that was it lying fallow. I'm rather proud of how this turned out, though, so I'm glad it's finally up.

* But don't ask how my Yuletide or Three Ships fics are going. (Hint: they're not. WHOOPS. Time for some cracking down and some writing hangouts, I suspect.)

* Relatedly, the holidays approach and I am NOT READY AT ALL. That's about all I have to say on that subject.

* HELLO JOURNAL FRIENDS. How are you? I'm so neglectful. I spam Tumblr a lot these days.


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