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( Oct. 13th, 2013 09:32 am)
HELLO, YULE FRIEND. First of all, thank you so much for signing up. I love Yuletide as a thing and it's such a fun experience, and I hope you enjoy writing for me. I really am very easygoing about gift fic, because it's a gift and that's delightful, so please take all of this as more guidelines than hard-and-fast rules. All of the scenarios outlined are meant to be helpful if you're completely blocked, but if you get a great flash of inspiration, please go with it!

I tend to be a pretty sunshine-and-rainbows person in my fiction tastes. I also primarily love stuff about ladies being awesome and being friends with each other, as you may have gathered from my fandoms and prompts. (Het, gen, and femslash are all A++; I don't... think any of my requests actually provide much for dudeslash, so that's sort of a moot point.) (Wait, has anybody written Middleman/Tyler? This has literally never occurred to me before.) (I DIGRESS.) [LATE-BREAKING ADDITION! PORN IS TOTALLY FINE!]

Things I really enjoy: happy endings, romance through small gestures, domesticity, a modicum of angst if it all turns out all right, dialogue-heavy stories, banter, puns, goofy appreciation of one's partners, interior lives of characters.

Things I would prefer not to have: eye trauma (this is my #1 phobia), dental trauma (#2 phobia), endless grimdarkness, rape/noncon (except for allusions to canon instances where appropriate), incest, major character death, extreme violence. I understand that some of these fandoms do have potential for more darkness (hi, Orphan Black, I enjoyed the nightmares you gave me) and am totally okay with dark and twisty as appropriate; I would prefer no overtly graphic violence, still.


Spiritwalker Trilogy - Kate Elliott )

Stardust (2007) )

The Middleman (TV) )

The Hour )

Orphan Black (TV) )


metonymy: Phillipa Soo as Eliza Hamilton, smiling. (Default)


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