Hi, journal friends.

It's been a long time. A REALLY long time.

Part of that is the new job. This week I hit the six-month mark. I still hate it, but I'm feeling a little more secure about what I do and how to do it. Last month we had a residence week with a showcase day (an all-day event at one of the really nice spaces) and four full days of classes that I had to organize and run almost entirely on my own, which featured some spectacular catering snafus and the professor in charge of the class deciding to change lecture halls the night before the last day of class, and I very nearly throttled him, but I did not. And the department chair said it was one of the best ever. So I'm very proud of myself for sticking it out, and now that it's been six months I'm going to start exploring what my options are - we're supposed to have reviews coming up and I can hopefully talk with them about what I'm unhappy about, and I've put in enough time that I can start submitting resumes elsewhere without feeling like a total flake.

SPEAKING OF FLAKES. Did you hear that Boston has had some snow? More snow than any one place should ever have if it is not populated solely by polar bears? And incredibly cold temperatures too? I haven't been to the office on a Monday for a solid month. Some of those storms resulted in two days off. And, of course, the MBTA has crumpled under the stress and just imploded. (My commute isn't so bad, as it's short, but I've shifted the whole thing about 45 minutes earlier to avoid rush hour.) The entire region has collectively lost its shit. All anyone can talk about is the MBTA or the weather. We live in fear and despair. I was telling Becca yesterday that I feel like Frodo on Mt. Doom, not able to remember grass or sunlight or fresh air. Adding this citywide SAD on top of my depressive swing has had me circle around to a sort of manic glee. SURE. MORE SNOW. AWESOME. SOUNDS GREAT. LOVE IT. nooooooooooooooooooo

Not everything is terrible, though! I had great holidays with my family; my brother and sister are wonderful and my mom is doing her best. I saw Jupiter Ascending, which is the most ridiculous crapnificent glittering explosion I've seen on screen in AGES, and I marathoned seasons 2 through 4 of Legend of Korra during the snowstorms. (KORRASAMI IS REAL.) Agent Carter is a source of neverending delight. I've done my best to drag myself out of the snow to see friends, for breakfast and dinners and Galentine's Day parties. I have read a bunch of books and slid into Raven Cycle madness along with several of my friends. I'm cooking a lot and made sticky buns and was not conquered by yeast. I'm writing and posting fic, which is getting pretty well received, and which you can find over at my AO3 page - new in 2015 are a character study of Kitty Pryde in the Days of Future Past fixed!future timeline, and an Inception-based Snow Queen story. (That was cathartic.)

Which brings me to why I actually got off my butt and posted: Amy messaged me this morning and went "hey, did you see this?" and linked to this article at Tablet Magazine about Jewish fanfiction. Which links to my story about Kitty Pryde and Erik Lehnsherr hosting a seder at the Xavier School for the Gifted. And quotes the whole ending. I maaaaaaybe had a little freakout at work. (It also links to Joni's fic about Darcy holding a seder for the Avengers, which is also rad!) I don't know. I didn't get a heads up about it, which I wish I had, but mostly I'm tremendously flattered. And a little amazed. I've always been a no-name fan, and I'm fine with that, but it's wonderful to hear my writing is resonating with people I've never met and who don't move in my fandom circles. Pretty cool.


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