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([personal profile] metonymy Jun. 2nd, 2014 03:26 pm)
HELLO FRIENDS. Welcome to this month's installment of "a super low-key but moderate accountability challenge where we just decide on the number of books we want to read in a month and also hold each other accountable for not buying even MORE books until we make a dent in our respective piles."

May, you guys. What a month. With work stress and family stuff (MY SISTER GRADUATED FROM COLLEGE, DID I MENTION THAT) there was a lot of lying around watching teevee and praying for the swift embrace of death. But I read some Sailor Moon and one of the YA books I got at Boston Book Fest ("Travel Light" by Naomi Mitchison, an original fairy tale that had an absolutely perfect ending) and the only books I bought were for other people.

I also read five romance novels in five days when I was visiting my family. NO REGRETS.

This month I want to read the other YA book I got from Boston Book Fest, finish the Sailor Moon manga, and write a lot. Low key, but I have a story that I'm treating June like Nanowrimo for. That's the plan, anyway. I know tomorrow I will be going to buy Genevieve Valentine's "The Girls at the Kingfisher Club" because I preordered it ages ago, and I will also attempt to read that so as not to enlarge the to-read stack.

ALSO I want to take books I don't want anymore and attempt to sell them. Fingers crossed I make that happen this month. (It's not about making money, it's about reclaiming shelf space.)

What about you, folks? Did you read at all in May? Are you eschewing reading to spend time outside in the glorious weather, or do you prefer to enjoy your June weather by reading on a porch or a blanket somewhere with a frosty drink at your side? Wow, I just made myself sad about being stuck in my windowless office.


metonymy: Phillipa Soo as Eliza Hamilton, smiling. (Default)

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