Dear Secret Mutant,

HELLO. Thank you for offering to write/make art/create something! This is my first year doing Secret Mutant and I am SUPER PUMPED.

As you can tell from my prompts my true fandom love is Kitty Pryde. She has been my favorite X-person since I was about ten years old, and I was delighted to see her reappear in the Days of Future Past film. Now, I know the First Class/DOFP films do not run on precisely the same background or timeline as the first trilogy, and The Last Stand was a hot mess, and I do not expect you to have seen that movie OR to have read all of the comics. However, if you have seen them or if you read the comics and want to incorporate any of that into your writing, you should absolutely feel free to do so. But I hope the prompts stand alone without that and offer plenty of room for your creativity within the First Class/DOFP set of films as is.

General stuff: while Kitty's timeline of DOFP is a post-apocalyptic one, I don't really enjoy extreme darkfic, so no rape or extreme violence or gore, please. Character death is pretty much to be expected in that timeline's backstory, though, so don't worry if that comes up.

And now, the actual prompts:

Kitty Pryde, Erik Lehnsherr

I'm always fascinated in comics canon by the connection that Kitty and Erik have with their shared Judaism, and I would absolutely love a story about that. Kitty and Erik celebrating Chanukah would be great - whether lighting candles against the darkness of the Sentinel timeline or Kitty throwing a huge party and making a million latkes in the fixed future from the end of the film - but anything that explores this aspect of their relationship would be wonderful.

This is maybe the most self-indulgent of my prompts, because I am currently involved in a quixotic project to write fic about Kitty and Erik for each of the major Jewish holidays, but I always always always want more. If you have any interest in the comics backstory, a good issue to read is Uncanny X-Men #199, where Kitty and Erik meet at a Holocaust memorial. But again, that's totally extra and not needed for this. As it is, you could explore how their background has prepared them to cope with the idea of struggling to preserve their people and their ways against overwhelming odds; how to celebrate a holiday in the end of the world; ooooor go for something light and fun in the "fixed" timeline that we see at the end of the movie, because I am pretty sure Erik has to be around even if he wasn't on screen.

Clarice Ferguson/Kitty Pryde, Kitty Pryde, Clarice Ferguson

Kitty leading the band of freedom fighters against the Sentinels and her right-hand woman Clarice, and a friendship forged in battle that blossoms into something more. This pairing is fascinating and I would love to read something about the two of them being awesome and ordering around their bevy of burly henchmen.

Look, pairings have been shipped on less canon basis than this before, and I love the idea of the only two women in their band of misfits finding comfort in each other's arms. Kitty walks through walls, Blink creates portals, something something and then they make out. This can be as implied or as explicit as you like, and can lean towards friendship rather than romance if that's more your thing; I just really want the two of them together and interacting and being amazing. (And yes, as I mentioned at the end, I kind of love that these two apparently physically unimposing women are giving orders to huge dudes like Colossus and Bishop, so if you want to throw in any of that FEEL FREE.)

Kitty Pryde

How did Kitty develop her chrono-phasing power? Or whatever we're calling it? You can include details from the "25 Moments" site (where they mention experimenting on mutants at Camp X-Ray) but any explanation of how she discovers it and learns to use it would be awesome.

DEEP SIGH. Okay. I am still sad that Logan was sent back in time instead of Kitty, because KITTY PRYDE, buuuut as it is we are given a fascinating new power for her and no explanation as to how. How did she develop it? How did she learn to control it? Did she accidentally send someone back and melt their brain? Did Bishop show up from the future to tell her she'd done it and sent him back and created a time paradox? Did Xavier teach her how to use it or did she have to puzzle it out on her own? I didn't add any other characters to this because I want to leave it as open-ended as possible.

Kitty Pryde, Logan (X-Men)

I absolutely love Kitty and Logan's comics relationship, and we get hints of that in the film with Kitty's little "Think peaceful thoughts?" line, and I would be thrilled by fic that explores that more. Kitty and Logan breaking mutants out of the Sentinel prison camps? Kitty and Logan fighting Sentinels? Kitty and Logan in the fixed future being friends? Anything would be great.

Man, I repeat myself a lot. Anyway. Kitty is the first of Logan's Teen Girl Squad of mentees in the comics, and it's a tragedy that we didn't get any of that in the movies. (I know, other things were more important, I don't really care.) I would be happy with basically anything with these two, especially if it featured their shared dry sense of humor and sarcasm. (Also can we talk about how Ellen Page used to have to smack Hugh Jackman to wake him up when he fell asleep on that table, because that's hilarious.) Let your imagination run wild.


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