HELLO FRIENDS. As a refresher, here is what we are doing: a super low-key but moderate accountability challenge where we just decide on the number of books we want to read in a month and also hold each other accountable for not buying even MORE books until we make a dent in our respective piles. So let's talk! I decided I wanted to finish Middlemarch and The Little Friend, and also read The Goldfinch. I... did not 100% succeed. I did finish both of those books! But I have not started The Goldfinch, because the day I finished The Little Friend my hold on the library's ebook of Americanah came in and I did not want to pass it up. (IT'S SO GOOD THOUGH, GUYS, YOU SHOULD ALL READ IT.) BUT I did not buy any new books! How about you? Did you read a book? Did you fail and buy more books? What are your goals for this month? Leave a comment below! If you didn't join us at the start of the month you can join now!


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