WELCOME BACK. This is, again: "a super low-key but moderate accountability challenge where we just decide on the number of books we want to read in a month and also hold each other accountable for not buying even MORE books until we make a dent in our respective piles."

oh my god I am so bad at this. Did I buy books? I don't think I bought any actual books! I did buy coffee and a card at Porter Square Books but NOT ACTUAL BOOKS. I preordered some books from favorite authors that are coming out later this year.

Did I finish The Goldfinch? STILL NO. I'm about two-thirds through, I think, and it's such a slog. I think I dislike this protagonist even more than Richard from The Secret History. And I completely forgot I was going to read the Mitford book, too. I did read two Georgette Heyer books and start another romance novel. But given that I spent much of March sick with stress and actually crying about it being so fucking cold, I am not going to be too mad at myself.

Goals for April: FINISH THE GOLDFINCH AND GET IT OUT OF THE WAY. Actually read and put away all of the Sailor Moon volumes I bought but haven't opened yet. (I don't usually put comics on my reading list, but they are taking up space on the to-be-read pile, so we're gonna do these.) Try to start another book off the pile.

What about you, friends?
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