WELCOME TO A NEW MONTH, FRIENDS! And to a new installment of: "a super low-key but moderate accountability challenge where we just decide on the number of books we want to read in a month and also hold each other accountable for not buying even MORE books until we make a dent in our respective piles." Y'all, I failed so hard on both counts this month. I wanted to finish The Goldfinch and not buy any books. I started The Goldfinch, but the entire first section is about a tragedy and grieving, and that was absolutely not the thing to be reading when punched in the brain by seasonal depression. So I skipped over it and read The Left Hand of Darkness, which I had wanted to start. And I bought so many books, yikes. Retail therapy, I guess? Mark Does Stuff has been reading the Enchanted Forest Chronicles as commission videos on Youtube, which made me seek out old copies with the covers I had as a kid (my copies disintegrated long ago). And Mark Millar has a new book about Kalix the Werewolf out, so I bought that. And Molly Wizenberg's memoir "A Homemade Life" was two bucks in the Kindle store. I'M A FAILURE. TELL ME HOW YOU DID BETTER THAN ME, FRIENDS. I have a nonfiction book on journalism by a Mitford I'm gonna crack, and I will keep slogging away at The Goldfinch now that it is not February anymore. AND I WILL NOT BUY ANY DAMNED BOOKS.
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