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([personal profile] metonymy May. 6th, 2017 09:02 pm)

Okay, it was humid as fuck and pissing down rain most of the time, but: what a good day. And I have been feeling like such garbage between my own brain chemistry and the state of the world at large (haaaaaaaaaaahahahahaohfuck) (those two are increasingly hard to untangle) that I want to mark it down somewhere.

- Brunch with Kait and Lisa! Rosebud Kitchen continues to be my fave, even when the service is a bit spotty and the brown sugar bacon is not as magnificent as its true peak. The Kentucky Iced Coffee is amazing anyway.
- The Big Thrifty, one of my favorite Boston events: a plus-size thrifting extravaganza. It's not so much about the clothes, though it is awesome to be in a place where I'm in the middle of the size range and I can get three sweaters and some shorts for under twenty bucks. But the changing room is one of the most positive experiences I've had. People will yell compliments across the room to each other. I discussed crops with one woman and talked her into a blouse and talked another woman into a green dress that made her skin glow. If someone has a dress that doesn't fit they'll ask the room at large who might want it. It's so welcoming and encouraging and enthusiastic and I love it. (Also it is hilarious to see old garments of mine float by in the piles, or to have Kait go "oh, that's my dress" as KL picks something up to try on.)
- FREE COMIC BOOK DAY. Comics! And Jesse! One of the very few dudes worth spending time with! I picked up the Jem and the Holograms collection, because why not.
- Just driving around with Kait and Lisa and KL. Even if finding parking was a fucking nightmare. I love my friends.
- Walking through Central when the sun came out, down to Jessica's place. For a few moments it was a beautiful spring day.
- Jessica's birthday! I haven't known her as long as some of my other friends here, but she is delightful - and I got to hang out with a bunch of Toasties, some of whom I'd never met before. And there was ice cream cake from Toscanini's, what more could you want? I laughed so hard my face hurts. A++ good times.

I just feel like I need to hold onto days like today. That's all.
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