Hello, and thank you for signing up for Yuletide! I always find it to be a huge amount of fun and I hope you enjoy writing this year. Please don't take the relative lengths of requests as indicating whether I'm more excited about any fandom over another; it's more that a couple of them have given me very specific wants and others are more "keysmashing joy and flailing, anything would be wonderful, go wild."

General DNWs: major character death, graphic violence, rape, darkfic in general. Some canons do include more violence than others, and canon-appropriate violence is fine, but no lingering descriptions of torture and gore, please. No incest, please. No a/b/o. I would prefer not to have mundane or modern-day AUs.

General likes: humor, friendship, family relationships, adventures, happy endings, character studies, great dialogue, worldbuilding. Ratings from G to NC-17 are fine, though please keep the canon atmosphere in mind (i.e. nothing but PWP for Ms. Marvel would be a little weird, but Phryne getting her rocks off is totally in character).

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
Phryne Fisher (Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries)

Phryne is one of my new heroes and I would be happy to read basically anything about her. Please feel free to include as many other characters as you want from the tagset, or from the fandom at large! I prefer Phryne/Jack if you're inclined towards shipfic, but I would be delighted by genfic as well. Solving mysteries! Throwing parties! Flirting with guys! So long as Phryne is fabulously herself I am happy for any story you might want to write.

This series is So Much Fun. I've been going around telling everyone I know to watch it. I love Phryne's zest for life and her determination to do whatever the hell she likes without anybody getting in her way. I also love seeing what the Jazz Age looked like in Melbourne as it's not an area or period I'm familiar with at all, so that would be great to see. And I adore basically the entire supporting cast - in fact, the reason I only requested Phryne was because I couldn't narrow it down to only three others - so if you want to write about Phryne and Mac's early days of their friendship, or Phryne and Dot and Jane in a quiet moment at home, or Phryne and Jack working on a case together, that would be splendid. As I said, I do ship Phryne/Jack, but I am pretty much sure to be stoked by anything you write if this is your assignment because PHRYNE FISHER.

Hercules (2014)
Atalanta (Hercules (2014)), Hercules (Hercules (2014)), Autolycus (Hercules (2014))

AWESOME ANACHRONISTIC ANCIENT BROS. I'd love a story about how Atalanta joined up with Hercules and his merry band of misfits, or just a story about these three kicking back and relaxing after a battle, or figuring out what to do next after the end of the film. (Where do you go after you topple a giant statue and squish a dictatorial warlord? GOOD QUESTION.)

Oh my god, this movie. This movie was everything I didn't know I wanted, from starring The Rock to the way it handled the actual Hercules myth to the completely ridiculous fight scenes. I really enjoyed Atalanta holding her own with the rest of the guys and never getting damseled; I thought Rufus Sewell was clearly having the time of his goddamned life as Autolycus; and Hercules, well. What can one say when one is given such a gift as The Rock wearing a lion skin on his head? I don't have very specific wants for this fandom and would love a slice-of-life adventure story, set at any point before or after canon. Gen is fine, I don't really have any particular pairings for this fandom. If there's another myth you'd like to bring in or twist around, that would be awesome too. (I used to study classics, so the nerdier the better.) And as with the previous request, including other characters is fine!

Spiritwalker Trilogy - Kate Elliott
Beatrice Hassi Barahal, Catherine Bell Barahal

I love Cat and Bee's relationship and would love something about them - pre-canon, post-canon, whatever. Sisters in all but blood, and just as loving and bickery and wonderful as that is.

CAAAAAAAAAT. BEEEEEEEEE. This is one canon where I absolutely adore the worldbuilding and would love seeing more of it - maybe an adventure where Cat and Bee go traveling? Looking at what their childhood was like in a Phoenician household? More about baby dragons, or Bee's prophetic abilities? (If you've read "The Secret Journal of Beatrice Hassi Barahal," and want to include details from that, go for it! Because it is fantastic.) As with the other fandoms, I love much of the supporting cast and would be happy to see them again. I do ship Cat/Andevai pretty hardcore and would prefer them not to be broken up, and Cat/Bee still hits the incest note for me and I'd rather not have a story about that. Also, this is one fandom where a modern AU could be great... if it's within the world of the trilogy. Cyberpunk ice mages? Trolls inventing computers? Spirit-world instant messaging? Google Glass that lets you see magic? Could be fun!

Ms. Marvel (Comics)
Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel)

One of my favorite parts of Kamala's characterization is her being a giant dork, and I'd love a story about that particular aspect of her. I love seeing how the superheroes are treated within their own world and how of course there are going to be fangirls. What happens when the people on her yamblr ask if she's going to incorporate the new Ms. Marvel into her stories? What happens when she meets more superheroes - is she going to change how she writes? Is she going to change how she reacts to them because of the version of them she's got in her head? (I know other superheroes were not nominated but if you want to include cameos, please feel free!) If you manage to include more about Planet Unicorn my heart will embiggen by at least three sizes.

KAMALAAAAAAAAAA. Kamala Khan is one of the best parts of the current Marvel universe. I love her enthusiasm and her geekery and her hopefulness and her idealism, I love her relationships with her friends and her family and her hero-worship of Carol Danvers, I love her team-up with Wolverine, The Grumpiest Surrogate Father, I love her costume, I LOVE HER. This is a pretty specific prompt because it's an aspect that continually both fascinates me and cracks me up. I mean, her very first issue includes a fanfic about Captain Marvel saving Planet Unicorn. That is straight out of Tumblr. (My roomie and I were literally making jokes about the Avengers and tiny unicorns the week that comic came out. Maybe we're psychic. But only about tiny unicorns.) ANYWAY. Feel free to use the social media that's been referenced in other comics like Young Avengers, or incorporate our own stuff - you want to set up a meta-AO3 profile for Kamala? Go for it! You want Kamala to have a Yamblr where she writes RSF (real superhero fiction) and reblogs gifsets of Avengers press conferences? Awesome. You want Kamala to sign up for Yuletide? YES PLEASE.

(My one long-shot crossover-type-thing is that I think Kamala and Kate Bishop and America Chavez should be friends, but this is literally something I am only including on the off chance that a Ms. Marvel fan might also enjoy Young Avengers and is BY NO MEANS a requirement.)

Bomb Girls
Vera Burr

Vera was my favorite character on the show and I would love something spotlighting her. The true desire of my heart this Yuletide is fix-it fic for that heinous ending of the movie, but if you'd like to write a look at her pre-canon or during the show as a missing scene that would also be lovely. (But seriously. Vera became queen of the mermaids. Vera floated to shore on a bit of hull and punched out an entire squadron of Nazis. VERA.)

Oh Vera, they done you wrong. I loved Bomb Girls for all its can-do enthusiasm and its chronicling of the friendships between these unlikely comrades, and then the movie just threw all of that out the window in favor of How Be Good Spy: The Movie. But Vera! So smart, such a firecracker, so beautiful and brilliant and secretly sensitive. I love how she copes with her accident, how she sometimes makes bad choices but is never portrayed as a bad person, how she may be hurt by the opinions of others but won't let them stop her from doing what she wants. VERAAAAA. Again, I love the whole cast and appearances from any of them would be wonderful, but if you want to write a solo Vera character study that is great.
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