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([personal profile] metonymy Sep. 13th, 2014 05:51 pm)
I NEVER MADE THE TOO MANY BOOKS BOOK CLUB POST. I never posted about how my new job is going!

In short: I think I made the wrong choice in taking this job. It's really, really not what I want to be doing long-term, even as I adjust to being at a new school and dealing with new people and new systems. So that sucks. But it does pay better, and I am going to learn a whole heck of a lot of new things, and I'm gonna suck it up and get through six months (self-determined deadline) and then start looking for internal opportunities. Or possibly external ones, even though the thought of changing everything over again is HORRIBLE. However, everyone in my office seems really nice and very helpful, and some of the ridiculousness I've been dealing with is just the time of year and the particular stuff we've been doing and having a ton of new students who also don't know what they're doing. (Also it's way less organized than my old department, which is unsurprising but not helpful in the least.) And I already survived "boot camp" so it could be worse.

Also somewhere in there I turned 30! Many of my friends turned out to celebrate, and Lisa made me an OCTOPUS CAKE, and I had a rad time and I'm generally excited about my 30s. I'm also starting in the community chorus and we're singing the Faure Requiem which I did back in college, and I'm reading a bunch (of ebooks), and I have a cross-stitch piece in the "In the Name of the Moon" art show at Hub Comics (pictures on my tumblr) and today I went to Flour with Kait and Lindsay and had part of an amazing from-scratch pop tart, and next week I'm going to an event with Sarah Waters (!!!!!) and overall life is exciting and exhausting and pretty fantastic.

(And I've bought some books, but we'll start fresh in October.)
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