This is mostly for my own reference! I took a two-week trip to the UK and got back Wednesday night and it was EXHAUSTING and GREAT and I had an amazing time!

blah blah blah travelcakes )

And then I came home and took another few days of vacation to recover from jetlag, AND THEN. AAAAAAAAND THEN.

My sister moved to Colorado in March. She is loving it out there. But a couple months ago she messaged me and asked if I could help her out, because she was thinking of flying home to surprise my mom for her birthday (which is July 2d). And she wanted to keep it a secret from Mom AND Dad.

I said of course I would help, because I'm not a monster. She bought a ticket to fly into Boston on Saturday at like 2 AM. I talked my parents into coming out for Mom's birthday - it would be nice to get a change of scene, they could come see me but I wasn't coming out to see them after my big trip, wouldn't it be great for Mom to have her birthday with one of her kids. Sister and I proceeded to lie like rugs so that neither of them knew this was coming. She arrived as promised in spite of delays and my parents managed to make it out in spite of Mom's ever-changing health issues. AND IT WORKED. Mom cursed very loudly and dad made an amazing expression of surprise. And then there was cake and dinner and sister went home with them for the rest of the weekend. It was delightful. YAY US.


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