No but seriously. I was chatting with [personal profile] fourteenacross today about how we were both super behind on our reading and, more specifically, have way too many books that we have bought but not read yet. And discussed doing a super low-key but moderate accountability challenge where we just decide on the number of books we want to read in a month and also hold each other accountable for not buying even MORE books until we make a dent in our respective piles. (My to-read stack is on top of my yarn bin. I can no longer lift the lid without causing an avalanche.) So I thought maybe I would open this up to people.

(Perhaps you are in grad school and reading books is what you do for most of your day. Perhaps you have a special budget set aside for books. Perhaps you are a speed reader. Perhaps reading is your only hobby. I congratulate you! I would also gently suggest that that's not precisely the spirit of this undertaking.)

So what I'm thinking is, post about the number of books you want to finish in a month - one is fine! if it's more than five, look back at that big parenthetical and reconsider whether you really need this! - with titles if you want, and then I'll post again at the end of the month and we can discuss how many books we got through and what we're looking at next. No pressure! Other than the shame of letting down your internet friends!

Thoughts? If it's just me and Kait that is A-OKAY.


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